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Just Live it

March 2021 | Making Amends
After years of lies and disappointments, his dad wasn’t interested in talk. He wanted to see the change

A New View

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
The beauty of making amends and not shutting the door on the past is that a window opens to help others

Off the sidelines

September 2019 | Young & Sober


July 2019 | The Prison Issue
This driller and blaster always felt different. But the thing that made her the same was her drinking

Flying spaghetti monster

September 2018
At 16, she crashed hard. But her sponsor helped her find some hope and even a Higher Power

A father's wish

May 2018
Years of drinking had driven his sons away. Now he wanted more than anything to have them back in his life

Priest with a secret

May 2017
After a few months sober, he knew it was time to tell the group how different he was. Would they let him stay?

Welcome home

February 2017

We do it together

January 2017

Saturday Night Ninth Step

December 2015
He had an opportunity to do one of his more difficult amends at his high school reunion


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