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23 precious years

February 2018 | Title Goes Here
After alcoholism takes her son, she finds comfort and acceptance in the first three Steps

Letter from Puerto Rico

November 2014
A 24-year-old woman living in San Juan learns that you're never too young to be an alcoholic

What's the Problem?

July 2014
For this AA, drinking was definitely the problem

Twelve Floors over Ketchikan

May 2014
A homeless fisherman goes north to die, but instead finds a warm new life

One Day in June

May 2014
On a relapse, she found her self defeated again by alcohol

Just Having Fun

April 2014
She had to face the fact that her drinking wasn't what it seemed to be

February 2014: The Good Girl

February 2014
She spent a lifetime trying to be perfect, but booze changed all that

January 2014: In His Back Pocket

January 2014
Once he got ready, he knew just the sponsor who'd be the right fit

October 2013: The African Queen

October 2013
An old movie about a drunk gets his attention before and after his own river of booze

April 2013: Going Bananas?

April 2013
Seven questions that helped him stop monkeying around with denial


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