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Magazine Issue

Bouncing around

September 2021 | Young & Sober!
In high school, her drunken stagger earned her the nickname “Pinball.” But once she got to AA she won the game

When I’m Ready

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
Now that she’s free, she can listen for the voice, feel the faith and use the strength to pass on the love

Best Hamburger Ever

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
How a much needed meal served up the ingredients for repeated acts of kindness

Down but Happy

June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
It’s hard being in this prison. I’m celebrating my anniversary alone. Working a program of recovery in prison can be a lonely road to walk.


June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
When he does the Steps, character defects get lifted. But is today the day to be ready to look at this five-syllable word?

Amends with the ex

June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
Luckily, she got another good look in the mirror before meeting an old flame—this time to check her motives

Never More Awake

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
When I began taking others through the Steps, I noticed a feeling wash over me. I began to understand how my own story could benefit another.


April 2021 | Fun in Sobriety
A tough oilman learned about spirituality from a coworker in the fields who always showed him kindness


April 2021 | Fun in Sobriety
A sober woman living alone during the pandemic finds strength and fellowship by dialing numbers

Lily, Our Friend

February 2021 | Sponsorship
As Andy and his buddy share love with a struggling home group member, her story keeps it mighty real


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