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Wherever you go

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics
Her move to Florida would’ve gone a whole lot easier had she remembered her sponsor’s wise words

What happened to Ted?

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics

My plan to end it all

April 2019 | Relapse
This newcomer’s pink cloud may not have lasted, but luckily AA did

Exit lights

April 2019 | Relapse

Welcome back, sucker

April 2015
After 11 years, he stopped going to meetings and an old friend returned

At the Kitchen Table

February 2015
She hadn't had a drink for 14 years -- until the night her father died

Tragedy in the Night

September 2014
His drive to prove he didn't need AA led to a dangerous turn

Letter from Spain

June 2014
An AA from Gijon, on Spain's northern coast, shares his story with Grapevine readers

One Day in June

May 2014
On a relapse, she found her self defeated again by alcohol

December 2013: You won’t find rainbows in the bottom of a glass

December 2013
While Sinatra’s lonely saloon song plays, an old-timer wonders how he picked up after 39 years


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