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Paddling in a pandemic

Magazine Issue November 2021 | Topics COVID-19 Beginners/Newcomers Gratitude Personal Stories

Paddling in a pandemic

November 2021 | Prayer and Meditation
While most of the world was in lockdown, this crew of newcomers got busy

Meeting on 4 wheels

Magazine Issue October 2021 | Topics Getting through Adversity Gratitude Personal Stories

Meeting on 4 wheels

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
On an urgent trip to L.A., a mom on the edge gets some unexpected help from a stranger going 60 mph

A Tough Amend

Magazine Issue September 2021 | Topics Gratitude Homegroup/Meetings Service/Into Action Spirituality Sponsorship

A tough amend

September 2021 | Young & Sober!
How would he ever make amends to the man he had knifed in the back? In AA, we find a way

Locked Down & Plugged In

Magazine Issue August 2021 | Topics On the Cover Gratitude Personal Stories Work/Career

Ignite the Spirit

Magazine Issue August 2021 | Topics Gratitude Homegroup/Meetings Personal Stories Spirituality Sponsorship

60 going on 16

Magazine Issue August 2021 | Topics Gratitude Homegroup/Meetings Spirituality Sponsorship

Locked Down & Plugged In

August 2021 | Seniors in AA
A longtime AA member and musician tunes in to stay focused and useful as the COVID-19 pandemic dims the lights on the performing world


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