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Off to Porland

Magazine Issue September 2020 | Topics Fun in Sobriety Travel in Sobriety

Off to Portland

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
She once thought drinking was the only way to have a happy life. Discovering YPAA events changed all that

Dear Grapevine

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings

The great fact is

May 2019 | Our Big Book–80 Wonderful Years
A member shares a firsthand account of the ceremony to celebrate the first Navajo Big Book

Bill's wife remembers...

November 2018
Desperate attempts to quit liquor, fistfights in the house and flying shoes. Early AA had it all

All Greek to me

June 2018
How a smartphone came to the rescue for some alcoholics in Greece who really needed a meeting

AA everywhere

June 2018

Dream trip - canceled

June 2018
When a freak car accident ends their camping trip, it’s AA hospitality that saves the day

How I learned to love “To Wives”

February 2018 | Title Goes Here
He used to roll his eyes and groan. But not anymore

A Moment in the Dark

September 2015
In a sea of empty beer cans, he had made his home a prison. What would it take to break free?


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