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A Meeting to Remember

April 2020 | Home Group
One day at her home group, a surprising thing happened that opened her eyes to Step Three

Close to my heart

June 2017
The necklace she wore told this newcomer that someone very special never gave up

Basic training

April 2017
Five weeks of outpatient were the building blocks to AA and a sober life

Back From Hell

April 2016
At 20 years, he decided to take a break from AA. What followed was years of detoxes, psych wards and pain

That’s not iced tea!

March 2016
The night a newcomer made a decision to leave her friends at the bar and go home with HP

Words of Love

November 2015

Dear Grapevine

November 2015

What's this world coming to?

October 2015
Pricey coffee, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and everyone wanting a tip. It’s enough to keep someone up all night

The Ride I'll Never Forget

September 2015
He thought he was just riding his bike to a morning meeting. He had no idea he was making an amends

The Double Life of Paola

August 2014
She was excited to be in the U.S., but her drinking took off, and she had to keep it a secret


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