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To remember without anger

August 2019 | African-American Alcoholics in AA
The program helped him find compassion, love and a new definition of forgiveness

Never too late

May 2018
It took a little time, but she learned to love her mom, thanks to the wonder of Step Nine

Say What You Need to Say

August 2017
How his fear of making amends to his brother ended with a song

Desert storm

August 2016
How a woman left out in the wild to die found the willingness and forgiveness to consider a most unimaginable amend

Sponsor Shopping

February 2016
He headed out to find a new guy to help him, but returned with a cart full of compassion

Ready to Sweep

August 2015
Step Eight reminds him which side of the street to clean

Forgiving my Brother

August 2014
In AA we get the wonderful chance to heal and let go of the regrets of our past

August 2013: Under the Banyan Tree

August 2013
His journey to forgive his mother ended one sunny day as he sipped on pineapple juice

August 2012: The Need to Go Deeper

August 2012
Uncovering all the harm he caused in his drinking days restored his compassion for others

A Reminder at the Reunion

September 2011
A 50th high school reunion afforded her an opportunity to make an amends to an old friend


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