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Our troublesome friend

March 2019 | What’s On Your Mind?
A group in Georgia struggles with how to handle a most unruly member

One requirement

March 2017
People and groups may have their rules, but the Third Tradition tells us exactly what’s needed to be a member—a desire to stop drinking

You Just Never Know

November 2016
Ring the alarm! There’s a disruptive member in the room

A Benevolent Guardian

November 2016
They showed him love though he was still drunk. It was their primary purpose

March 2014: Three strikes, you’re in!

March 2014
He thought his differences would not let him stay, but Tradition Three said no way

What Are the Requirements?

October 2013
An AA considers religion in meetings in the context of the Third Tradition

November 2012: Big Hearts

November 2012
In a meeting in Florida, a spirited debate breaks out over singleness of purpose

March 2012: Hey, Why the Dress Code?

March 2012
A member expresses his opinion about "rules" in AA, while holding fast to the Third Tradition

Going Against the Crowd

March 2012
An AA questions the pressure to conform to certain widespread meeting practices

March 2011: Religious Indifference

March 2011


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