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No Need to Apply

March 2020 | Puzzled
I mentioned to my wife that no one had asked me to join. She suggested that I look for an application form somewhere.

That Imaginary Line

March 2020 | Puzzled
Tradition Three gave this Al-Anon member enough time to listen and see that she too belonged

A warm welcome

October 2019 | Is AA Accessible to all who need it?
Members dealing with deafness face a world of challenges in AA. There are many ways to help

Coffee or tea?

April 2019 | Relapse
Tradition Four is handy when choosing which beverage to serve, but what about when we decide on other Traditions?


March 2019 | What’s On Your Mind?
A newcomer shares about getting out of jail and the close call he had at his first outside meeting

Open up!

March 2019 | What’s On Your Mind?
With all the courage he could muster, he made it inside, only to be told to come back next Tuesday

Our troublesome friend

March 2019 | What’s On Your Mind?
A group in Georgia struggles with how to handle a most unruly member

Full sprectrum

May 2017
A recent chair of the General Service Board shares his thoughts about diversity

Not sure yet

May 2017
A past delegate shares how his group welcomes newcomers who don’t yet know if they belong

One requirement

March 2017
People and groups may have their rules, but the Third Tradition tells us exactly what’s needed to be a member—a desire to stop drinking


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