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Trust funds

July 2019 | The Prison Issue
A sober accountant gets into General Service and sees how his area spends its money in a totally new light

Business is not a bad word

February 2019 | Stories by Our Longtime Members
One member says that anything less than good business practice in AA is just untreated alcoholism

Brewing new ideas

July 2018
When a group treasurer discovered a financial predicament, the members stepped up with a plan

I pay the bills around here

July 2017
How one group learns about the spirit of rotation and service as it struggles to make decisions about money and rent

Thanks but no thanks

November 2016
What one AA group did the day a kind priest offered them money

The Cost of Coffee

July 2015
When the basket comes around, are we being as generous as we can?

Basket Case

January 2014
Not wanting to be short-changed, a member considers tossing in another dollar or two

July 2013: To Catch a Thief

July 2013
A group shows how they deal with missing money—lovingly

July 2012: On My Own Two Feet

July 2012
How AA helped a member become self-supporting through his own contributions


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