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Smarter phones

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics
Texting and posting can be tricky when it comes to anonymity. There are guidelines that can help

Now, that’s attraction

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics

Step right up

November 2018
A member shares his thoughts about anonymity, attraction, promotion and setting up an AA booth at the county fair

Even in a bar

November 2018

To break or not to break

November 2017 | Issue Title Here
When it comes to telling others that he’s in AA, whether in person or through his computer, he looks to our Twelve Traditions

Before I act

November 2016
Though we might not be famous, one member thinks it’s important to be careful about what we say—and post—in public

Practice, Practice, Practice

November 2015
The Eleventh Tradition helps one member stay out of the pulpit and keep his focus down on the field

Tagging and Posting

September 2015
The more he used his thumbs, the more he learned about anonymity

Mike the Plumber and Airplane Tim?

November 2014
Should AAs be less anonymous when we introduce ourselves to each other?

November 2013: Why not tell the World?

November 2013
How the Eleventh Tradition keeps one member off her soapbox


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