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Stealing pens

Magazine Issue June 2020 | Topics None

Stealing pens

June 2020 | The Annual Prison Issue
I feel a bit embarrassed that old behavior (snatching what I want) is still so close to the surface, even after a number of years in the program.

Time To Shake Some Hands

December 2019 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
One member says that when the treatment vans pull up, we have some work to do

3 days to freedom

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics
They cried, laughed and shared secrets. At a picnic table on the prison yard, his life changed forever

Lots and lots of help

October 2019 | Is AA Accessible to all who need it?
Mary, Sydney, Kathleen, Neena and the “move a muscle” lady...they were all exactly what she needed

The night shift

Magazine Issue February 2020 | Topics Sponsorship

The night shift

September 2019 | Young & Sober
Scared and battered, she landed in a place where she got more than good care. She was prescribed a new life

Sponsor shopping

September 2019 | Young & Sober
After an exhausting trip down every aisle, a newcomer finds the right guy

What my brother taught me

July 2019 | The Prison Issue
A probation and parole officer learns to love AA from the man whose calls she dreaded most

Balancing act

June 2019 | Letting Go of Resentments
An old-timer remembers to watch his impulses and stay on the sober path—no matter what


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