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Our Daily Bread

October 2020 | Money and Sobriety
A newly sober nun makes a big decision that straps her financially, while keeping the faith that things will work out

$8 an hour

October 2020 | Money and Sobriety
After liquor destroyed his career, he had to start all over again. With a leap of faith, he took his sponsor’s suggestion

In Shambles

April 2020 | Home Group
At four months sober, she had no money—not even for toilet paper. Thankfully, she had a sponsor

In Shambles

Magazine Issue April 2020 | Topics Emotional Sobriety Family Gratitude Homegroup/Meetings Personal Stories Slogans Spirituality Sponsorship Work/Career

Embracing Change

March 2020 | Puzzled
Sobriety prepared her to step out of her comfort zone and take on a new adventure

Queen of the Silver Dollar

February 2020 | Tough Times
Every evening at 9:15 a group of a half-dozen people would come in, grab a table and drink coffee. I became friends with them.

Queen of the Silver Dollar

Magazine Issue February 2020 | Topics Homegroup/Meetings Letters from Readers (Dear Grapevine) Spirituality Work/Career


October 2018
This sober businesswoman’s career really took off, but her program ran out of steam

Lying on my resume

October 2018
The “secrets of success” he heard at meetings taught him a valuable lesson about honesty

Work buddies

October 2018
A member involved in CPC work tells how his drunken past helps him to be useful on the job


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