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And she waits...

December 2016
In a tiny rural village with no street lights and no AA, a woman brews a pot of coffee and reads

Big, Beautiful & Wild

December 2016
With grizzly bears and bighorn sheep for neighbors, how was he ever going to stay sober?

I know, I’ve been There

December 2016
On a 12th Step call at a remote Kansas farm, three men learn that the language of the heart can come through a pen

Wherever We’re Needed

December 2016
A delegate from the Yukon Territory shares what she’s learned about the challenges of some of our most remote communities

Guiding Light

December 2016
Staying sober on a rum-filled ship can be rough. But with her sponsor as her lighthouse, she’s doing it

Let it snow

December 2016
Holidays were once a constant storm. But now we have each other to keep us sober, safe and warm

Happily Giving

December 2016
Oh, what a bag of goodies we have to share once we we get sober

Office Party Gone Bad

December 2016
Boy, had he done it now. Little did he know he was about to be quietly 12th-Stepped

“I Heard You Don’t Drink”

December 2016
There’s nothing like an anonymity break to ruin a lovely, hot summer beach day

Can’t Stop

December 2016
Her compulsion to drink made her hide vodka everywhere—in drawers, in old coats—even on the highway


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