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Be Careful What We Say

March 2021 | Making Amends
A Native American member encourages us to watch our words when we speak to those who might need us


March 2021 | Making Amends
He was feeling disconnected and losing interest in his virtual meetings. That’s when he came up with a plan

South Africa Or Bust!

March 2021 | Making Amends
Because of the virtual technology explosion during this pandemic, I’m now going to AA meetings all over the world. What a cool way to start the day, with a meeting in South Africa!

Any Hour of The Day

March 2021 | Making Amends
After her husband died, COVID-19 hit. Where was she to turn? Luckily, 24/7 virtual meetings came to the rescue

A Taste of His Own Medicine

March 2021 | Making Amends
In charge of the DWI caseload, a parole officer begins to wonder if he might be on the wrong side of the desk

Who I Really Am

March 2021 | Making Amends
Being reminded of the man he never wants to be again keeps this father on the path of a good life

Stop Right There!

March 2021 | Making Amends
Marylou had just left when my car was surrounded by no fewer than three police cars. A grim-faced officer ordered me out of the car.

Changing Channels

March 2021 | Making Amends
Though the message of hope came to her through the TV, this mom had one more episode to go

To Speak or Not to Speak

March 2021 | Making Amends
Reluctant to share at meetings, a teacher says she’s grateful for Tradition Three.
It gave her room to grow until service helped give her a voice

Kind, Benevolent, Caring

March 2021 | Making Amends
My life then could not have been described as safe and secure, caring and kind, or filled with unconditional love and joy. I found all that when I got to AA.


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