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Making the rounds

February 2023 | Making Amends
With his sponsor’s help, he headed for an ex’s funeral to make a few amends. Turned out there were more than a few

The Guys Who Got Me Here

February 2023 | Making Amends
A member in St. Louis lovingly shares about his many adventures with sponsorship

The hole in my soul

February 2023 | Making Amends
For years she searched for something bigger and still felt empty, until AA turned on a light

Wacky women

February 2023 | Making Amends
She was outvoted. Everyone liked the new meeting name but her. And it only took 10 years to change her mind!

Love at First Sight

February 2023 | Making Amends
Through drunken chaos, early sobriety, divorce, marriage and joy, what she learned from Mac was unconditional love

Happy Ending

February 2023 | Making Amends
On a first date, a nervous newcomer orders an iced tea. What will she think? What happens will surprise you

While You’re Down There…

February 2023 | Making Amends
It was suggested that I throw my shoes up under the bed, and when I got up in the morning, since I was down on my knees anyway, to pray. Well, I did not do that.

Fear not

February 2023 | Making Amends
The ladies shared their experience about how they overcame fear. These women helped the Big Book come alive for me. They used the message on the pages to save my life.

Things can change

Magazine Issue February 2023 | Topics Making Amends Family Relationships Spirituality

All she ever wanted

Magazine Issue February 2023 | Topics Oldtimers Making Amends


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