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Magazine Issue

AA News July 2020

July 2020 | AA Around The World
AA is here to help

Dear Grapevine

July 2020 | AA Around The World

Letter from the Editor

July 2020 | AA Around The World
This Yearmarks the 85th year of our amazing program, Alcoholics Anonymous.

Keeping This Thing Afloat

Magazine Issue July 2020 | Topics None

Keeping This Thing Afloat

July 2020 | AA Around The World
For nearly 40 years, the faith that AA gave her got her through some impossibly lean times. Now it’s time to give back

Humility Takes Center Stage

July 2020 | AA Around The World
His chance to impress everyone at the big event instead became a starring role for Step Seven

No Defense

| Grapevine Online Exclusives
Getting sober later in life, with the help of Grapevine and a spiritual awakening

It Was All Worth It

| Grapevine Online Exclusives
Being a single mom and a beginner wasn’t easy. But it was worth every Step

AA Superstar

| Grapevine Online Exclusives
With two months in AA, he was on a mission to save the world. It didn’t quite turn out that way

Not Cured. But Sober

| Grapevine Online Exclusives
A visit to a liquor store inspires a prayer of gratitude for sobriety


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