Be a part of Grapevine's Audio Project!

AA Grapevine is collecting up to 7-minute-long stories from the Fellowship in the form of audio recordings. Share as you would in a meeting—or pick a topic of your own choosing, from making amends to working on a particular Step.

If your audio story is accepted by the AA Grapevine editorial staff, Grapevine will publish it in the form of a YouTube playlist or on another media platform.

Notes: Grapevine does not collect recordings from speakers at AA meetings.
Audio stories should be roughly seven minutes in length.

Audio Portal Page
Two Ways To Share Your Audio Story

1- The Audio Project Voicemail System
•Call the voicemail system at 559-726-1216.
•Press 1 to hear helpful tips and to begin recording your story after the tone.
•When you’re finished recording, Press #, then you will be prompted to Press 1 to save your story.
•After that, Press 2 to give AA Grapevine permission to use your story.

2- Do It Yourself
•Use your own digital recorder, smartphone or other mobile devices. (WAV and MP3 files will be accepted.)
•Send your recording to the email address [email protected]

Listen to Stories by Members
Listen To Stories By Members

If you want to share your experience, strength and hope with AAGrapevine, but are unsure of what to share, listen to these audiotapes made by other AA members. You can find them at AAGrapevine’s designated YouTube channel .

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