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Kind, Benevolent, Caring

March 2021 | Making Amends
My life then could not have been described as safe and secure, caring and kind, or filled with unconditional love and joy. I found all that when I got to AA.

Kind, Benevolent, Caring

Magazine Issue March 2021 | Topics AA Literature Gratitude

Special delivery

February 2017
He was ready to make amends to the mail carrier his dog attacked. But how would he ever find him?

Back From Hell

April 2016
At 20 years, he decided to take a break from AA. What followed was years of detoxes, psych wards and pain

Dear Grapevine

November 2015

The Practice of a Grateful Heart

October 2014
An AA with over 36 years in the program shares his experience in cultivating gratitude

February 2011: Pushing for humility

February 2011
A work-hard, play-hard lifestyle became a work-obsessively, drink-alcoholically way of life

Amends without thinking

September 2009
Years of hatred melt away as a son forgives his alcoholic father

Lemons and Lemonade

August 2004

One Foot in Front of the Other

September 1994


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