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It’s not my show

March 2021 | Making Amends
Saying yes to joining the play was one thing, but memorizing the Third Step Prayer and doing an interpretive dance was quite another

Sealed & Delivered

March 2021 | Making Amends
Write a letter to everyone she owed? How would she ever pay them back? Time for a little faith

Discussion Topic March 2021

March 2021 | Making Amends
Making our amends

Ready to Handle it

March 2021 | Making Amends
Though he’d made amends to his wife the best he could, one day while cleaning, he lifted a lid and found forgiveness and truth

260 Breakfasts

March 2021 | Making Amends
A trip to an old boss to make things right led to a long, wonderful friendship he never expected


March 2021 | Making Amends
After years of bad blood, it was time to make amends to his mom. Who knew it would involve a new outfit and a bunch of dancing

The One I’d Never Make

March 2021 | Making Amends
In a blackout, she did something very regretful involving a knife and a policeman.
How would she ever face this man again?

Just Live it

March 2021 | Making Amends
After years of lies and disappointments, his dad wasn’t interested in talk. He wanted to see the change

AA News March 2021

March 2021 | Making Amends
The Work of the Heart

Dear Grapevine March 2021

March 2021 | Making Amends


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