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For Beginners Book Set
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For Beginners Book Set

The For Beginners Book Set includes two great collections: "Beginners' Book: Getting & Staying Sober in AA" and "One On One".

Beginners' Book:  Getting and Staying Sober in AA:

In this collection of AA Grapevine stories, AA members share what helped them get sober and handle their new lives of recovery. Full of useful suggestions, insights, and solutions to problems common to the newly sober, this book provides solid tools of recovery. 

One On One: AA Sponsorship in Action:

In this collection, AA members write about their experience with sponsorship, including how to choose one, getting the courage to ask someone to be a sponsor, sharing their past and present with them, working with those having trouble staying sober, dealing with the loss of a beloved sponsor and more. From the early days of the program, this special one-on-one bond of sponsorship has been considered vital to getting sober, staying connected and living a full, happy life.

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