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A.A. Inspires Formation of the Seekers, Prisoners' Rehabilitation Group In the formation of a unique club, The Seekers, conceived and developed by inmates of San Quentin Prison on San Francisco Bay, Alcoholics Anonymous is the inspiration for a moving story. The new club, as reported in the press, was originated by a... August 1945
A.A. at Fort Jay The great majority of the men now at Fort Jay, Governors Island, N. Y., are confined for offenses evolving either directly or indirectly out of alcohol. Most cases of AWOL, desertion, disorderliness in uniform, assault and battery, and numerous... April 1948
Research Council The Research Council on Problems of Alcohol held an Evening Institute on "The Treatment and Prevention of Alcoholism" on June 20th. Many A.A.s were present, some attending Bill's talk "The A.A. Approach to the Problem of Alcoholism" at 5 P.M., and a... July 1944
Broader Vista Opened A.A. was the recipient of another highly significant endorsement from medical circles in an article by Dr. D. B. Rotman, M.D., Director of the Psychiatric Institute of the Municipal Court, Chicago, published in the March 10 issue of The Journal of... June 1945
The Clip Sheet "Four per cent of the nation's drinkers are chronic alcoholics," said the Associated Press in a release from Syracuse, Dec. 14. The AP was reporting an address by Prof. Selden Bacon, chairman of Connecticut's new Board for the Study, Care and... January 1946
The Clip Sheet Ann Arbor, Mich., Tribune: "Women alcoholics, increasing so rapidly in the last few years, have become such a serious medical and social problem that many leading physicians and psychiatrists have joined together in a survey and study of the... January 1946
The Clip Sheet Atlantic City, N. J., Press: "We need to launch a new society called N.N. or 'Neurotics National' so that millions of 'Worry Birds' and other psychoneurotics will realize they have a lot of company. This is one of the first benefits received by the... February 1946
The Clip Sheet Los Angeles, Cal., Times: "Establishment of a separate ward in General Hospital for the treatment of alcoholics was advocated in a panel discussion before 200 delegates of the family and adult services division of a Welfare Council meeting. . . . J... February 1946
The Clip Sheet Louisville, Ky., Times: "Establishment of the first private-sponsored clinic for the treatment of alcoholics in the United States today was being planned by Norton Memorial Infirmary, Alcoholics Anonymous and the distillery industry here. It will be... February 1946
The Clip Sheet A Detroit, Mich., columnist writes: "A bartender in a Fort Street tavern is secretary-treasurer of Detroit's A.A. He was once a chemist, lost his job from drink, and took up bartending when he turned to A.A. Says he's doing fine." February 1946