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Thoughts for the Newcomer-- YOU, for whom this is particularly intended, are new. Every so often you run into cynics and skeptics among your old acquaintances, friends, and even members of your family. These pseudo prophets of disaster make you wonder whether or not you are... P.S.H. March 1949
Come Home! A COUPLE of months ago there was a freighter bound from Hong Kong to San Francisco. She had aboard a cargo of elephants, tropical birds, etc. When still several hundred miles off the California coast the animal food ran short. The Navy received a... R. K. F. March 1949
Where Am I Now? AT a recent meeting, a member was answering the question, Where Am 1 Now? Her reply started off, "I am here now doing"--something or other. I didn't hear the end of the sentence. After the first four words, prickles started running up and down my... L.K. April 1949
No Crying Service "WHEN Bill W. got the 'jitters' out in Akron (back in 1935), he couldn't call another A.A. to furnish cry-on-my-shoulder service. There weren't any other A.A.s. So he called--and called--until he found a drunk who needed help. He finally found 'Doc... A.A. Washington, Pa. Bulletin April 1949
Squirrel Cage Thinking ONE dangerous bypath back to the squirrel cage type of thinking (how long ago was it?) is in letting personalities run rampant in A.A. meetings and matters. . .either projecting your own or allowing "show-hogging" by someone else bother you. We know... P.O.E. April 1949
A Bit Mixed "THE Washington Ministerial association had a meeting recently at which the principal speaker was a representative from Alcoholics Anonymous. The speech was well received, with constant applause. Toward the end of his speech the man from Alcoholics... Shreveport, La., Times April 1949
Cold, Impersonal Manhattan THE other day a very drunk drunk mistakenly called The A.A. Grapevine office. In answer to his plea for help, Kitty, who had answered the phone, suggested that he call the Intergroup Office. "If you have a pencil," said Kitty, "I'll give you the... May 1949
Look Around THOSE considering the A.A. Way of Life for the first time: look about you at the happy, useful people in your club. They are easy to get acquainted with, friendly people, anxious to help you. If there's any doubt in your mind whether you are an... Anonymous May 1949
Story Book Ending THROUGH 11 years of wedded blitz Flo and Phil had alternated in bouts with Barleycorn. Rides on the wagon and pledges provided recuperative intervals, but--well both of them always came back for more. And, after 11 years, there was still only Flo... W.L.B. May 1949
Cause to Think A MEMBER of A.A. who is a well known sculptor, admits he's still got character defects. But, after years of sobriety and 12th Step work, he recently told of an overheard conversation that had given him cause to think. He said he had thought carving... L.J. May 1949