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Help to carry the message by contributing your story and experience to Grapevine!

Each month, Grapevine publishes stories on special topics as well as for departments such as Emotional Sobriety, Sponsorship, Newcomers, Youth Enjoying Sobriety, Old-Timers and Home Group. Each issue also includes a story on the Traditions and the Steps. But you are not confined to these topics. The editors are always looking for innovative material, as long as it relates to AA experience and reflects an awareness of AA's singleness of purpose. Click here to submit your story.

Important: Since it takes considerable time to select and edit and produce each issue, if you are writing about a particular month's theme, we will need your stories no later than 5 months before that issue comes out.
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NOTE: We are always in need of stories of your experience on Steps 4—12 and on every Tradition. Thanks!


GV Editorial Calendar 2016

January: Beginners Issue (stories due by Aug 5, 2015)
Help our newest members by sharing your experience as a newcomer. What were the things (suggestions, slogans, tools) that helped you most when you were counting days and learning to stay sober?

February: Staying Sober Through Adversity (stories due by Sept 1, 2015)
A serious illness, divorce, the death of a loved one, a house fire, loss of a job, bankruptcy … how do we stay sober through tough times? Send us your story.

March: Old-timers (stories due by Oct 5, 2015)
Let's hear from our long-time members! What AA was like when you came into AA? What have you learned over the years? What have been some of your greatest challenges and joys? Share your experience.

April: Relapsing (stories due by Nov 10, 2015)
What is your experience with relapsing? Did you relapse more than once? What finally helped you? What did you learn? How do you stay sober today?

May: Getting Involved in General Service (stories due by Dec 5, 2015)
Ever been a GSR? … a DCM? … a delegate? Share the challenges and joys of doing this kind of service. It might inspire other AAs to do service beyond the group.

June: Fun in Sobriety (stories due by Jan 5, 2016)
Have you been on any fun sober trips? Hiking? Sober skiing? Game nights? New hobbies? Great vacations? Share ways you have learned to have fun—sober!

July: Annual Prison Issue (stories due by Feb 5, 2016)
Stories by members about how AA brings hope into prisons and jails. Stories by prisoners and by those who bring AA meetings to them, or those involved in prison correspondence. We would love to hear your stories.

August: Carry the Message (featuring stories from winners of the 2015 Subscription Challenge) (stories due by Mar 5, 2016)
What are the ways you (or your group) use Grapevine and La Vina to reach alcoholics in treatment centers, jails and prisons, doctor's offices or to homebound members? How do you use the Grapevine website or Story Archive to help carry the message? What ways do you use Grapevine in your home group or area? Let us know!

September: Young & Sober (stories due by Apr 5, 2016)
Did you come into AA at an early age? What was that like? We're looking for stories by people who got sober in their teens, 20s and 30s. Share your experience.

October: Atheist/Agnostic stories (stories due by May 5, 2016)
Do you have experience staying sober in AA as an atheist or agnostic? What have been your joys and challenges? We are looking for a variety of experiences. Please send us your stories.

November: Classic Grapevine
Our favorite stories from the AA Grapevine Story Archive.

December: Remote Communities (also the Sober Holiday Issue) (stories due by July 5, 2016)
Do you live in a remote community? Is it difficult to find AA meetings where you live? Tell us how you keep in contact with other AA members and work the AA program with this challenge. (Note: We are also accepting sober holiday stories as well. What are the ways you stay grateful during December and New Years?) Share your experience!


GV Editorial Calendar 2015

January 2015—Young & Sober (stories due by Aug 5, 2014)
Did you come into AA at an early age? We're looking for stories by people who got sober in their teens, 20s and 30s.

February 2015—Sponsorship (stories due by Sept 1, 2014)
Share your favorite experiences of sponsoring others or being sponsored. Did you have a sponsor that helped you a lot? What are the things you learned that you now pass on? Tell us your story.

March 2015—How I Found My Higher Power (stories due by Sept 25, 2014)
Share your personal journey with Step Two. Did you struggle? Was it easy for you? What was your experience?

April 2015—Double-Digit Sobriety (stories due by Nov 10, 2014)
Now that you're past early recovery, how is it going? What are some things you've learned along the way? What have been some of your growth opportunities? How has your life changed and what AA tools do you depend on most now? Share your experiences.

May 2015—Cooperation with Professionals (stories due by Dec 1, 2014)
Stories by AA members who do service with Cooperation with Professionals. How did you get into this service? What are some things you've learned? Share your experience.

June 2015—Annual Prison Issue (stories due by Feb 5, 2015)
Stories about AA meetings all around the world. AA is everywhere! We want to hear stories from AA meetings far away. If you know people in other countries, please ask them to share their experience with us too.

July 2015—AA Around the World/AA Turns 80! (stories due by Jan 1, 2015)
Stories of how AA brings hope to people in prisons and jails. Stories by prisoners and by those who bring AA meetings to them. Send us your story.

August 2015—Sober Travel! (stories due by March 5, 2015)
Sober vacations, moving to a new town, stressful business trips ... tell us how you stayed sober on the road. Share your fun sober adventures with us. What are some obstacles you encountered? Did you have an adventure finding AA meetings?

September 2015—Technology/Anonymity (stories due by April 5, 2015)
Online meetings, social media, sober eBooks, skype meetings, texting in meetings, anonymity issues ... there are many ways technology touches our sober lives. Send us your stories of experience.

October 2015—Letting Go of Resentments (stories due by May 5, 2015)
We're looking for examples of how members have used the Steps and the tools of the program to let go of resentments. Share your stories with us.

November 2015—Classic Grapevine
Our favorite stories from the Grapevine archives.

December 2015—Service Service Service During the Holidays (stories due by July 5, 2015)
Service is one of the best ways to think of others and to give back during the holiday season. Share the many ways you have done service this time of year.