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Web Exclusive: Camping Out with the Fellowship

A notice in Grapevine helps this AA to connect with other members while on the road

"I laid out my sleeping bag near the fire and looked up at the remarkably vivid stars."

I took a road trip on my motorcycle to Washington State for a week during Memorial Day in 2010. I had been planning this trip for a while and when I found a notice in the back of the Grapevine for an AA camp-out in Northern California in a town called Weaverville, it all started to come together. I am still very fanciful and have an active imaginary life, which is full of new adventures centered on having AA-related experiences. So far, I have had many in my eight years of sobriety. I attended the big conventions in Toronto and San Antonio and meetings in Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, Utah,... Login to read more
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