Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published July 2011.

Web Exclusive: A St. Patrick's Day Business Trip

An AA uses the tools of the program to stay sober while traveling with work colleagues

"They took every opportunity to mention that they were looking forward to the green beer."

During my drinking days and early recovery I loved to travel. However, I had not ventured further than a day trip from home since my husband had become seriously ill on our last trip five years ago. At that time, he came home by air ambulance and when we were all finally back in New Hampshire, I said "I don't care if I ever leave home again." My life was full with family, friends, work and the program. Although, Recently, I had been questioning what it meant for me to put AA first in my life.

Twenty-five years of going to meetings and working the program had not prepared me for my...

-- Dana M.

Lebanon, New Hampshire

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