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Published July 2011.

Web Exclusive: God at the Picnic Table

A group of AAs turns it over to God and pulls together a Traditions workshop

We anticipated 30-50 people at our Traditions workshop. The final count was 112. I call my Higher Power, "God," and to say that he was in charge that day is an understatement. We laughed and learned during the entire three-hour workshop. Humor is a good thing now that I'm sober. However, God made his first appearance at our picnic table, not the workshop.

We had planned this workshop during out last area assembly. The warm weather tempted many of us outside during the lunch break and a small group of us, from the same district, settled at one of the wooden picnic tables. We made our introductions and then chatted about the issues presented at the assembly during the morning session. Someone suggested that we organize a workshop. The district had set aside some funds for this purpose which could provide the financial support we would need.

-- Kathy R.

Tucson, Arizona

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