From the August 2011 magazine.

August 2011: Editor's Letter

How has your life been altered by the relationships that you form in the rooms? Given that alcoholics are notorious for not being able to forge relationships, it is amazing how in recovery that Fellowship becomes a cornerstone of our lives and our sobriety. But relationships are not always easy when sober. In this issue, you’ll find poignant stories of bonds that have been created, broken and rebuilt. Two inseparable women get sober together, only to have one of them relapse in “Fractured Friendship.” Two other women, who couldn’t be more different, form a lifetime friendship in “Tale of Two Sisters.” And what about sex? A man learns his part in his wife’s infidelity in “Love on the Rocks,” relying on the tools of the Program to repair a foundering marriage.

In other stories in this issue, relationships with others and with self also play a critical role. From the strong support developed by a crew of female alcoholics in “Honk if You’re Sober” to a newcomer who faces his bottom and his fears alone in a cheap motel in “Slim to None.”

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