From the September 2011 magazine.

A Reminder at the Reunion

A 50th high school reunion afforded her an opportunity to make an amends to an old friend

"The following day the chance came and I was able to give a heartfelt "I am so sorry for having hurt you."

I was looking forward to a reunion with four women whom I went to high school with 50 years ago. Our weekends together had become an annual event. A stay in Maine in a lovely home surrounded by trees, flowers and blue sky was much anticipated. It was a time to come together to relive old memories and to make new ones. At times it felt like the pajama parties of the 1950's.

I was not overly concerned that they would be drinking wine. They knew of my sobriety and had been supportive. I had my literature and phone numbers. I looked forward to celebrating 35 years of sobriety in another month.

-- Joan L.

Gloucester, Massachusetts

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