From the September 2011 magazine.

A River Runs Through It

After getting sober, a man returns to the valley of his childhood in his imagination and finds his Higher Power

"The river looped the valley bottom as it flowed through the center of everything in my world: deep and silent, mysterious and still."

I remember what it was like as a young boy, waking up on those summer mornings with that wonderful feeling of excitement—bouncing out of bed and running outside into that world of a thousand new adventures. The screen door slammed behind me, as I raced down the riverbank and through the sweet-smelling cottonwoods to that deep-blue silent mystery, the River.

Rushing out of the western peaks of the Bitterroots, the river danced and sparkled through the mountain forests and slowed and deepened as it meandered through the widening valley. The river looped the valley bottom as it...

-- M.J.

Boise, Idaho

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