From the September 2011 magazine.

Keep the Meeting Going

She learned that staying sober is sometimes about returning to basics and keeping it simple

"The three of us had our own meeting, sharing our experience, strength and hope for an hour."

After seemingly sailing through the past few months of sobriety, with the obsession to drink having been lifted, at around 11 months, I found myself suddenly hit with the desire to drink. It seemed to pop up out of nowhere and in rapid succession. I struggled for weeks and was holding on by a thin thread at times. I couldn't pin-point what was causing it and perhaps I never will. The "why" isn't even important.

Fear and desperation set in quickly as I didn't want to drink and was desperately searching for a solution. In seeking a solution, I attended meetings every day—sometimes twice—and brought it up every time. This was something I hadn't been doing for fear of being a bother or thinking my topics weren't significant enough. But pride was no longer a luxury I could afford and I shared my struggles, and desperation.

-- Dawn P.

Whitesboro, New York

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