From the March 1963 magazine.

The Anecdote Bin

Dedicated to the lighter side of our common proble, The Anecdote Bin will contain bits and pieces as they accumulate. If you have a favorite story or clipping, please send it along. Ed.

HERE are half a dozen entertaining and informative items to ponder. 1. A member of the Soviet Academy of Medical Sciences says that Russians drink less than any other people in the world and that Moscow boasts one-fiftieth of the number of New York's alcoholics. . . . Secondly, Chicago's monthly magazine, Commerce, states that Chicago has simmered down and is now only a one-and-one-half-drink-for-lunch town. New York is still plus two, the magazine maintains, and Los Angeles and San Francisco probably rate three for lunch. Montreal is their candidate for North America's drinkingest town, where a man is considered uncouth if he doesn't down a fourth martini. . . . 3. If any of these luncheon drinkers finds himself in San Salvador, he'd better not drive a car there. The penalty for drunken driving, we read, is death by a firing squad. . . . 4. In Charlotte, N. C., a man emerged from an Alcoholic Beverage Control store carrying a large package which he carefully placed in the passenger seat. He then just as carefully strapped the package in a seat belt and drove away. . . . An incidental fifth: The word booze dates back to Mr. E. G. Booze, a distiller in Colonial days. . . . Item No. 6 reports that in Stockholm, Sweden, prison officials decided to prove the curse of drink by staging a football game between the jail's chronic alcoholics and its other inmates. The drunks won.

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