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Published August 2011.

Web Exclusive: I Was On My Way

A doctor at a detox gave him what he needed to get sober: hope

He told me that if I could make it through this, I would be of great value to somebody some day because I might be able to help them

Isn't it funny how you remember some things and forget others? I will be celebrating 19 years of continuous sobriety March 4 2008. I grew up in Alcoholics Anonymous. I was introduced to AA as a teenager and celebrated my first 90 days and spoke at my first meeting at the age of 15. I decided I was to young and went back to drinking only to receive the same results just as they had told me I would.

I returned at age 17 for another attempt at sobriety. After 10 months of continuous sobriety, a friend of the family knocked on my door and asked me to take her to her senior prom. Despite suggestions not to get involved in anything that was alcohol-related in early sobriety, I decided to go to the prom. I had ten months of sobriety and I thought I could handle anything. On the way to the prom I became nervous and felt out of place, and what does an alcoholic do but reach for what I knew would make me feel a part of, or equal to others? I reached for a glass of wine. I drank two glasses of wine, didn't get drunk or make a fool of myself and thought, maybe I am not an alcoholic!

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