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Published September 2011.

Web Exclusive: My Brother, My Keeper

A story of two brothers who helped each other get sober

"Most of what I have accomplished in AA over the years is due to my brother, my keeper."

In July 1981, after five years of daily drunkenness, I stumbled into AA. A small public service ad in our small town weekly newspaper told me where it met, and promised hope and help. I was adopted by an alcoholic bricklayer who led me through the Steps and introduced me to his Higher Power.

I immediately caught on to AA's program of recovery and thought I was ready for some Twelfth Step work at eight months sober. In February 1982, I contacted my unemployed brother who had lived in Southern California for 25 years. He was broke at the time. I asked if he would like to return to Tennessee and go to work with me in my plumbing business.

-- Milton C.

Ripley, Tennessee

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