From the September 2011 magazine.

The Garden of the Present Moment

A Buddhist in AA talks about how through sobriety, he was able to truly practice his faith

"I am present to experience the joy and beauty that is everywhere in life."

When I look back at my early days of recovery, I'm grateful that AA gave me the tools to squash unhealthy myths and replace them with good ones.

I was a Buddhist before I began to drink and I'm a Buddhist now that I've stopped drinking. I remember how hypocritical it was that here I was a Buddhist, chanting every morning, reading as much inspirational literature as I could lay my hands on, mouthing the words "mindfulness" and "peace in every step."

I remember thinking how ridiculous it was when I would drink and drift off towards alcohol-fueled oblivion and wake up and try,...

-- James S.

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