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Web Exclusive: Toys and Resentments

A feud over Mr. Potato Head brewed at work until he realized that his sobriety came first

"One day, I was very proud to be the current holder of a potato with a pair of eyes."

Recently, I passed the one-year mile marker on my road to recovery from alcohol. In early sobriety, I committed to myself to not make any major changes during the first year. This included relationships, careers and geographical changes. I didn't question the wisdom of the old-timers. I knew I had only one "first" time and thought I owed it to myself to try.

I had started a new job just prior to my last drunk. Several times in this job I found myself riddled with anxiety and wished I could quit. In retrospect, it was always minor. As with many sales jobs, competition is a vital... Login to read more
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Charlottesville, Virginia

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