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Published October 2011.

Web Exclusive: A Place Called Home

While making a Ninth Step amends to his family, he learns that his father is a member of AA

"Dad said that during the meeting he felt like he had come home."

I finished a four-week treatment program on my 31st birthday in June 1972. During the first week, three men from Group One in Kansas City, Mo. brought a meeting to us. I was impressed that three people would take time out of their lives to bring a meeting to a bunch of patients at the state hospital. They had what I wanted: clean clothes, money in their pockets, time in their life to visit with patients in a state hospital. I was impressed.

They said, "We know how you feel. We have been where you are. You do not know how we feel because you have not done what we have done or worked the program we try to work. But we are here to tell you that you can do what we have done. You can feel what we feel. The difference between us is we are going home to our nice clean beds and will get a good night's sleep. You are going to sleep in your hospital beds wondering if you will ever be able to change. You can change. You can have what we have."

-- Timothy D.

Baldwin City, Kansas

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