From the October 2011 magazine.

Goodbye to All That

A newcomer shares her experiences of giving up a drinking life

"This is where my drinking, my alcoholism had taken me."

"Okay, you need to buy 5,000 shares at 52 spot 65, got it, bye," the other secretary says, and I watch her get up and rush the order to the trader.

"Do you know what spot 65 means, Julianne?" one of the portfolio managers asks, as he leans over my desk.

Do I know what spot 65 is? Is he kidding me? Do you have any idea of the trades I used to put up? No, of course he doesn't know. How could he? But I check the grandiose attitude and be grateful to have what I have: a recovery job. I'm working for a money management firm, but really it's nothing more than a glorified...

-- Julianne

New York, New York

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