Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published November 2011.

Web Exclusive: In the Detox

Talking with a formerly homeless alcoholic convinced him that there was hope for him

"If I drink today, I probably won't find a place to live."

As an alcoholic I don't have the power to control my drinking. I do not even have the power to remember the suffering of my drinking from a week or month ago, let alone a year ago. Any excuse is a good excuse for a sober alcoholic to pick up that first drink, caving to the insanity of alcoholism. By myself, I cannot resist the obsession that someday, somehow, I will drink like a gentleman again.

But something has changed within me. The night of my last drink was the night I could no longer ignore the truth. It was nothing spectacular at the time. I drank my daily ration, in my...

-- Dan

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