Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published November 2011.

Web Exclusive: Jail Mates

He thought the man recognized him because he was a TV anchor--turned out it was from a drunken night spent in the slammer

"Were you in jail in February?" he asked.

Less than 90 days sober, I was driving around town with my wife before an AA meeting. She was behind the wheel because I had lost my driver's license after my second drunk driving arrest.

We were trying to find an outdoor outfitter for an upcoming canoe trip. We weren't having much luck finding the place. As we sat at a stoplight, I noticed two guys working on a motorcycle in a driveway next to my passenger-side door. One of them looked up, and we made eye contact. He looked at me like he knew me. At that moment, my ego kicked in. I assumed he recognized me because I was a local television reporter.

-- Allan


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