From the March 1958 magazine.

January 10, 1957


LAST NIGHT a member celebrating his first six months in AA spoke of the immense feeling of belonging to the world that came to him when he read "AA Comes of Age." The account of groups in far-off places, the stories of Loners and Internationalists in Bill W.'s book had fired his imagination and added a new dimension to his AA life.

We hope this one of our "Magic Carpet Series" will bring Bob and other new members the same delight it brings to us--we have been following this story for over a year in the files of GSH and finally we wrote to Dr. C--in Paraguay and asked for permission to share his correspondence with you. His answer: "Oh yes--if you think that my letters concerning my son, his big problem, and his wonderful rapid progress--yes, you may publish all what should be of utility. I always think of the best manner to correspond to the great favor Lionel received following the instructions of the AA . . .the best way I have found is to give free AA consults to my patients (who are heavy drinkers). I or Lionel just explain to them the principal points of the program. In the last months the police of our village tells me that they are wondering why they had to arrest only 50% of the molesting drunkards in the streets instead of ten or twenty daily. I don't answer but it seems to me it works well with the help of God."

-- H. W.

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