Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published December 2011.

Web Exclusive: Dark Groups

A member discusses the phenomenon of groups who don't participate in area service

"Many of these so called dark meetings are indeed a beacon of light for those who attend."

I am disturbed with the current trend in our area of calling groups that choose not to participate in area service 'dark' groups. Besides the implied racism, the term suggests of an attitude of superiority. Imagine that, a drunk that thinks he's better than another drunk.

Throughout AA history, there have been meetings and groups. As described in the pamphlet, The AA Group, "...some AA members hold AA meetings that differ from the common understanding of a group. These members simply gather at a time and place for a meeting ... The main difference between meetings and groups is that AA groups generally continue to exist outside the prescribed meeting hours ... "

-- Anonymous

Eugene, Oregon

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