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Published December 2011.

Web Exclusive: A Christmas Story

An oldtimer helps out a newcomer who relasped during the holidays

"His plan was to drive out of town, drink the whiskey till he passed out, and freeze to death in the elements."

Each year here in Saskatoon we have what we call the alcathon which consists of AA meetings starting on Christmas eve and running straight through till midnight Christmas day. There's a new meeting every 45 minutes. The meetings are held at a church in the inner city and AA members from all groups show up with food and beverages and take turns chairing. It has been a great success here. The alcathon was started by a member who was concerned for those new to sobriety and thought they had nowhere to go over the holiday season.

One year, when I was chairing one of the meetings, I heard the following story.

-- Greg H.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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