Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published December 2011.

If the World Falls Apart

Sober colleagues help each other stay away from a drink in the midst of calamity

It started out like any other day. September in New York City produces blue skies the likes of which are not seen anywhere else in the world. On this particular morning the sky was crystal clear. Not a cloud in sight and I was thanking God for creating such beauty. As I reflected on my many blessings, it still amazed me how just a scant 5 years earlier it would never have occurred to me to noticed a blue sky or any other sky for that matter.

My life at that time existed in the bottom of a bottle always searching for the answer but finding only loneliness and despair. I was a little melancholy as I sat in the park looking up at the World Trade Center knowing I would soon be leaving the city that I loved so much. As I do everyday, I took a moment to turn my will and my life over to the loving care of God as I understand him praying only for the knowledge of his will for me and the courage to carry that out. It was 8:45 AM and time to go to work.

-- Suzanne

New York, New York

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