From the March 2011 magazine.

Giving It Back

After 20 years, she is finally experiencing the joys of being a sponsor

This year, having just completed 24 years of sobriety, I’ve been blessed to have three women enter my life as sponsees. This is something of a first for me. Because while one can say I’ve amassed considerable “time” in our program, over the course of my sobriety I’ve only had occasion to work with three newcomers—all of whom drifted away without much ceremony, for one reason or another. 

In reflecting on why I was not often asked to be a sponsor, I have to admit I finally understand why. Year after year, in countless AA meetings, my verbal and physical body language sent signals that I was too strapped for time or too absorbed in my own career, problems, and feelings. Anyone could see that I wasn’t exactly steeped in spirituality, radiating gratitude, or open to sponsorship.

-- Chris M.

Mahawah, New Jersey

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