Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published March 2011.

Web Exclusive: I Was Becoming My Own Higher Power

A member got so involved in service, she forgot her primary purpose.

Who, me teachable?

Around my fifth or sixth year of sobriety, life was good, beyond my wildest dreams, and it still is thanks to AA and my higher power. When I had five years of sobriety, I was told, “You got your marbles back, now you have to learn how to use them.” As a matter of fact, my service sponsor actually gave me marbles. I had a sponsor, a service sponsor and a sponsee. I was an active member of my home group. I was the GSR. I was going to district meetings, area assemblies, mini conferences, conventions—you name it. I was carrying out our primary purpose. AA told...

-- Loretta C.

Mahwah, New Jersey