Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published January 2012.

Interrupt the Rehearsal

A member realizes that constant ruminations may bring him closer to a drink

Alcoholics Anonymous recognizes several emotional states that can lead to a resumption of drinking. Resentment is surely one; fear another, depression and sorrow, regret and grieving yet others.

These transitive emotions are surely natural and unavoidable in the course of everyday life. Death is a natural progression of life. Loss of social status, of financial stability, loss of a loving relationship, loss of an occupation or career, the loss of good health, of eyesight, of a limb, the onset of a debilitating injury or illness, all these things may fall into our lives at any moment. It pays not a whit for us to predict disaster or fear the future, and it also pays us not a penny to perpetually bemoan or exaggerate problems after they have fallen upon us, as nature wills. Life happens.

-- David

Cape Coral, Florida

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