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Published March 2011.

Web Exclusive: What It’s Like Now

An old-timer tells why it’s important to share what she’s going through today.

"There will always be someone in front of me to hang onto and someone behind me to hang onto."

My sobriety date is June 1, 1978, and I want to share with those new and old alike that being and old-timer does not make me well nor cured. For one thing, the only thing I have to offer today is my experience, strength and hope—as well as my failures. Not my knowledge, preaching, or having all the right answers for the newcomer or those behind me in sobriety. My sponsor once told me I was connected to a chain-link fence in AA’s fellowship. He told me there would always be someone in front of me to hang onto and someone behind me to hang onto. Thus I would always be in the middle. A good place to be, not too well or not too sick but in the middle, just growing along with others on a daily basis.

At the end of How it Works in our Big Book it states this "Our description of the alcoholic, the chapter To the Agnostics, and our personal adventures before and after make three pertinent ideas. What has caught my eye these last few years is the part that says before and after. That is why I am writing this.

-- Ginger

Evansdale, Iowa

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