From the March 2012 magazine.

March 2012: Pause Before You Send

She found that her computer was not the best place to do a Ninth Step

Recently, I had a weird experience. I was talking with an old friend, Susan (not an alcoholic), from New York on Facebook about how we met. We had both been on a trip to England after high school in 1980, called “Drama in Britain.” And yes, it was drama—mainly because I was there. I was doing my thing that I would do: becoming best friends with you for two or three days and then starting to hate you and telling all your secrets to the people I had been character-assassinating to you for the last three days—and then of course, wondering why everyone hated me. Poor me. And of course I was drinking, cuz that’s what I do when you hate me and I feel bad. I’d act like a jerk, polish up my alibis and then go get drunk.

Well, I’ve since made amends to my friend Susan, and she and I were discussing the other people in the group, and we remembered our friend Sandy. Susan said she wanted me to find Sandy, so I went on Google and looked her up. I found a newspaper article that said she had gotten married to a famous movie producer, hyphenated her last name and now lives in Los Angeles. Hmmm … she’s rich, maybe she’ll buy some of my artwork, I thought. (I am so self-seeking.) So I looked her up using her married name, and I found her—on Facebook! I got to her page, and just before I was about to click “Friend,” I had a thought: I owe her an amend. Oh no!

-- Joanna W.

Denver, Colorado

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