From the March 2011 magazine.

His Life Changed While He Ate His Oatmeal

His long downward slide ended one day as he ate his breakfast at a state mental hospital

"The orderly just smiled, checked my blood pressure, and then un-handcuffed me so I could eat breakfast."

My first real gift toward recovery from my addiction was a serendipitous awareness of a Higher Power. After a superlative academic performance in college and graduate school, I had gone through two or three teaching jobs that fell victim to “vodka-breath.” I quickly learned that my learning just didn’t “cut it” in the real world. The cops had no interest in my GPA or my resume, and the hospital emergency rooms made matters tolerable by dispensing a small glass of what I was certain was condensed dead fish (paraldehyde). Upon QUICK discharge from a couple of ER’s, I discovered...

-- Anonymous